Clinical Spotlight: CBT Trauma Group

Posted on Jan 12, 2018
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Clinical Spotlight: CBT Trauma Group

Starting in July of 2017, Infinite Recovery counselor Joe Roller, MA, LPC-Intern, LCDC, began his Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Trauma group developed to help reduce Post Traumatic Stress symptoms. Joe put his heart and soul into developing this program aimed to give substance abuse clients the relief and tools they need to overcome trauma and function better in society.  Though still in its early stages, the group has already drastically helped clients to lessen their symptoms and given them many helpful insights into why they may react how they do in stressful situations.

Joe sees trauma as “any direct or indirect experience of an event that drastically effects one’s view of self, others, and/or the world resulting in negative effects on someone’s life in relational, social, or school/work settings.” Many addicts have gone through challenging times and exceptionally stressful or dangerous situations. It is not uncommon for people recovering from substance abuse to obsess over or suppress these memories in unhealthy manners. In her article for Psychology Today, Rebecca Compton Ph.D., cites the stress acceleration hypothesis which “posits that in children exposed to early trauma, the brain’s threat systems develop at an accelerated pace, potentially at the expense of other developing brain systems”.  Many addicts started using at a young age or came from volatile households/environments which can contribute to their higher levels of stress and likely shift in a higher perception of events or people they see as threats to their safety.

Throughout the group, clients fill out a self-report for monitoring their Post Traumatic Symptoms. The reports filled by clients showed a 73% decrease in post-traumatic symptoms in males and a 69% decrease in females thus far. Multiple clients have had over a 90% decrease in symptoms. Joe has gone above and beyond to help these clients and we couldn’t be more appreciative to have him on our team!

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