Clinical Spotlight: Family Program

Posted on Jan 24, 2018
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Clinical Spotlight: Family Program

Infinite Recovery takes pride in how we not only help the addict and alcoholic heal, but we engage the entire family in a complete recovery process. We’re spotlighting our emotional, powerful family program in this week’s blog.

Many who come to treatment for addiction and/or alcoholism find state that one thing that they desire the most is to reconnect with their family. During our addiction, addicts can baffle, anger, and sadden their family members, who are uncertain of whether their actions are hurting or helping their loved ones. Many families hope that either intense compassion or tough love can be the cure for heroin addiction, but ultimately find that what they’re trying just isn’t working. Infinite Recovery believes in not only helping to treat the addict, but also educate the families with a two-fold approach that will be a larger help for heroin addicts and their loved ones.

Infinite Recovery counselor Joe Roller, MA, LPC-Intern, LCDC, and Recovery Specialist Zach Pogue lead the monthly program designed to educate families about addiction and process past events, behaviors, and beliefs. Pogue states that the family program is, “the embodiment of our 12 step and clinical immersion. We not only provide insight of how addiction disrupts the family system, we also provide tools for obtaining a solution.” Joe Roller believes the intensive workshop is, “an opportunity for families to gain insight on addiction and begin to work on their own healing through education and processing of some of the more prominent struggles like codependency, manipulation, shame, and family dynamics.”

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