Staff Spotlight: Joe Roller

Posted on Dec 06, 2017
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For today’s spotlight, we’d like to introduce you to our Program Lead Therapist, Joe Roller! With his great attitude, knowledgeable insights, and his super fly shoe collection (his words, not ours) Joe is an integral part of our family in treating addiction in Austin, Texas.


“I ended up working in the recovery field by what I believe to be fate. Due to a lot of addiction in my family I had always intended to steer clear of addiction due to potential counter-transference in which my family of origin issues could be possibly triggered. However, when applying to practicum sites to complete my Masters I applied to every place I could and the only place that accepted me was a treatment center. I shortly realized I had a significant amount of insight and intuition in working with addiction that allowed me to be of significant service to my clients, and I really enjoy it.

One of the facets I oversee is the Family Recovery Workshop. This is a monthly two-day family workshop to assist the client’s family in understanding the cycle addiction, neurobiology of addiction, family dynamics, shame, manipulation and codependency in an effort to facilitate family environment healing necessary to be conducive to the client’s recovery. During this process we utilize multi-family groups to provide a supportive and collaborative environment for family members to process similar problems due to their loved one’s substance addiction, mental health disorders and behavior problems. We also use single family sessions to work on family dynamics and family environment healing necessary to be conducive to the client’s recovery.

Something I’m proud of is Trauma Group that we have implemented. I facilitate a ten-session intensive Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy trauma group for clients suffering with post-traumatic stress symptoms thus resulting symptoms reduction of 67% average overall, 74% reduction for males and 61% reduction for females. People come into trauma work believing they are broken and walk away from it rejuvenated with the tools and insight to diminish the power and control traumatic experiences can have on their lives.

I find it to be an absolute honor to play a role in helping people find themselves and their potential to live a fulfilling and healthy life. I have always been fascinated by our potential to overcome seemingly insurmountable circumstances, and through this work I get the privilege of witnessing on a nearly daily basis.”
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