Staff Spotlight: Steffani Willems

Posted on Nov 22, 2017
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Staff Spotlight Steffani Willems

Here at Infinite Recovery, we believe that people are our greatest resource.  We are excited to kick off our new series spotlighting our dedicated staff, one person at a time. Introducing our Program Therapist, Steffani Willems.


“I always wanted to work in a helping field so I majored in psychology in undergrad and got my masters in counseling. A few life events lead me specifically into substance abuse therapy.  In 2010 my sister and I were hit by a drunk driver going the wrong way down the highway. We both had a lot of emotional and physical recovery to get through after the accident.  After our accident, I decided that I wanted to specialize in trauma therapy and treatment for drug addiction.  I was struck by how little control over trauma people have, one day everything is fine and the next your whole world view and identity is shattered and you are almost trapped. I wanted to help people work through this experience and reclaim their lives after having personally lived through this and realized that I want to be a therapist.

When I needed to find an internship in graduate school, I found an intensive residential treatment center for homeless people with substance use problems.  When I started working in the addiction field I realized that the vast majority of all of my clients had a history of trauma. I also have several friends and family members who have struggled with addiction. With this realization and personal ties to the disease I decided to continue working in this field, I believe that the field chose me.

Here at Infinite Recovery, I am a program therapist for the Partial Hospitalization Program Level of Care. I facilitated several process groups weekly as well as some Chemical Dependence Education Groups.  I also carry a case load and see client’s on an individual basis.

At a previous job I worked with an older veteran.  He told staff from day one “I have no intention of not drinking, and I am only in treatment until I can find stable housing.”  He prided himself because on his treatment plan under the drug/alcohol problem statement I wrote client has no intention of sustaining sobriety.  He used to joke sarcastically about this and talk to his peers about wanting to frame his treatment plan. At the time, he came into treatment he had also not spoken to his family in 15 years.  While in treatment he came up to me and told me it was his mother’s birthday and he was considering calling her.  I supported him in this. He called her and she was so excited to hear from him.  He became overwhelmed with emotion and started crying.  He has now been sober over 2 years and meets up with his mother and sister several times a week.  He is so happy in his recovery and so proud of himself.

I believe I have truly found my calling, and am passionate about helping people identify their strengths and utilize them to work through their trauma and addiction and maintain long-lasting recovery for addiction.  There is nothing more rewarding than watching the transformation in a client, especially the ones who come in not ready for change and are resistant.”


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