Infinite Recovery Frequently Asked Questions

Making the choice to embrace recovery comes with lots of questions, from both clients and their loved ones. On this page, we’ve compiled common questions we hear everyday.


What is the process for getting into addiction treatment?

To start the enrollment process at Infinite Recovery, contact our admissions specialists online or by phone. Our specialists will help determine what level of treatment you need, as well as address any specific questions you may have about treatment options or paying for treatment.

What if my loved one is unwilling to go to treatment?

Ultimately, every individual makes his or her own choice to accept treatment for addiction. However, we can equip you with the tools and language that you need to express your concern to a loved one and encourage them to enter treatment. We can also help you stage an intervention in Texas with a trained interventionist. Contact our admissions specialists for more information.

Do clients need to quit their jobs to enroll in treatment?

Infinite Recovery offers several different levels of care. For some, it may be possible to receive treatment while still working, while others may require a total focus on sobriety in recovery-oriented housing. We approach each person’s needs individually and our admissions specialist and our staff can help determine what’s best for each client.


How much does addiction treatment cost at Infinite Recovery?

Cost for treatment depends upon the type of treatment you need. At Infinite Recovery, we understand that paying for treatment is the number one concern for most individuals entering addiction treatment. That’s why we have assembled an admissions team who are experts at speaking with you about the financing options for addiction treatment. Our specialists can even help you enroll in an insurance plan. Paying for treatment should not cost you your savings or your home. Contact us to see your financial options.

Do you accept my insurance? Will my insurance cover the cost of addiction treatment at Infinite Recovery?

In order to make drug and alcohol treatment accessible to everyone, Infinite Recovery accepts most insurance carriers. For a free verification of your insurance benefits, call us today at (844) 206-9063 or fill out our insurance verification form. Our staff can help determine what’s best for each client.


How long does treatment take at Infinite Recovery?

Treatment duration is never set in stone at Infinite Recovery. Each client’s treatment plan is unique to their specific needs. Generally, the longer a person stays in recovery, the better the chances of overcoming addiction and maintaining long term sobriety. Our different levels of treatment allow for our clients to stay in a treatment program for as long as necessary, and we continue to provide support for former clients through community events in Austin.

What kind of programs does Infinite Recovery offer?

The flexibility of our methodology allows us to incorporate a variety of programs that not only treat addiction, but also help our clients develop, grow and transform their lives. Our programs and specialty therapies are designed to heal underlying traumas and build the life and social skills our clients need to live a transformed life free of substances. For more information on our holistic approach to recovery, check out our 8 Dimensions of Infinite Wellness and specialty therapies.

Are the programs at Infinite Recovery 12 Step based?

All clients in Infinite Recovery addiction treatment programs are offered 12 Step modalities, like those used at Alcoholics Anonymous or Drug Addicts Anonymous. We have found that the wide reaching fellowship and meetings are a great foundation of support that exists all around the world and the 12 Step program has successfully helped people achieve sobriety for nearly 100 years. However, the basis of Infinite Recovery’s addiction treatment program is to provide each client with an individualized treatment program that addresses each of the 8 Dimensions of Wellness as outlined by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration.

How much help will I receive with life-skills or employment and education re-entry?

Integration of sobriety into everyday life is a primary goal of Infinite Recovery. For many clients, addiction has meant an interruption in the normal progression of life skills, education, and employment. For emerging adults, we focus on building skills like sober recreation, grocery shopping and cooking, and budgeting. Our staff works with clients on creating resumes, filling out applications and role playing interviews. For clients looking to return to school, we offer assistance with filling out applications, applying for financial assistance, and time management.

For professionals, our staff works with clients to create a recovery plan that focuses on stress management, debt management and work/recovery balance.

Does Infinite Recovery address mental health issues beyond addiction?

Upon admission, each client is assigned a masters-level therapist. Master’s level therapists are specially trained to deal with issues such as depression, anxiety, and trauma. Additionally, the medical director of Infinite Recovery is a board certified psychiatrist that is trained to care for clients with a wide variety of mental health issues such as bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and schizophrenic disorders. Infinite Recovery utilizes EMDR therapy to help address the underlying traumas that feed addiction.

Can Infinite Recovery accommodate clients with legal issues?

It’s common to have legal problems when dealing with substance use disorders. The stress and financial strain of legal problems can have a significant impact on a person’s recovery and ongoing sobriety. For this reason, Infinite Recovery retains an in-house court services department that helps clients resolve their legal issues by providing free services that will satisfy the most strict court requirements.

What to Expect

What can I bring with me to recovery-oriented housing?

Infinite Recovery strives to bring you world-class treatment provided in a comfortable and home-like atmosphere. Most of what you need will be provided for you while you are with us. To make the most out of your addiction treatment experience, we recommend you bring the following:

  • One to two weeks’ worth of comfortable clothing. This includes items such as jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes, pajamas, a robe and workout   clothes, as well as any weather-appropriate clothing such as coats or sweaters. In summer months you may wish to bring a swimsuit. It is   recommended to bring at least one or two outfits for outdoor meetings or recreational events. To ensure each client has adequate space,   please note that a maximum of two suitcases weighing not more than 50 lbs each will be permitted.
  • Alcohol-free toiletries such as deodorant, toothbrush, makeup, shaving cream, etc.
  • Your current prescription medications in their original containers.
  • Your insurance cards and ID.
  • Everyday jewelry such as a watch and wedding ring. Although we do provide a locker, we recommend leaving valuables at home.
  • Pictures of your family or pets, meditation books, and spiritual or religious items that bring you hope and encouragement.

When the admissions process is underway, your counselor will send you a more detailed list of exactly what (and what not) to bring. Depending on the program you enter, there may be some items that are prohibited for the safety of all clients. The admissions counselor will help you determine at check-in that you have items that are appropriate for your stay.

Can I smoke or vape during treatment?

While we provide education and assistance with smoking cessation, we do allow the use of tobacco in our programs. However, to support the recovery of our clients, all tobacco products must be brought or sent unopened. For clients that use electronic cigarettes or vapes, juices are only permitted when purchased from The Pink Cloud and delivered unopened.

Why the Pink Cloud? – Unfortunately, the electronic cigarette companies have discovered that synthetic hash oil is very profitable. Many vape shops are now selling juice that contains mood and mind altering chemicals that mimic the effects of illicit drugs. The Pink Cloud is a vape shop that does not sell any of these mood or mind altering juices. Purchasing from the Pink Cloud allows clients to have access to the vape products they want while allowing the staff of Infinite Recovery to maintain the safety of the therapeutic environment.

Can I get a private room while in treatment?

Private rooms are uncommon, but may be available in special cases. Contact our admissions specialists to discuss your needs.

Can I have my phone or computer while in treatment?

Phones and computers can be distractions that get in the way of effective treatment and we generally place restrictions on when or how they can be used. However, as it is our goal to treat each client individually, your treatment team will work with you to determine whether phone and computer access is appropriate.

Will I be able to talk to friends and loved ones during treatment?

While we may briefly put restrictions on outside communication, restoring and repairing relationships damaged by addiction is one of our primary goals. We encourage our clients to communicate with friends and loved ones that are supportive of their recovery process. We also offer family and couple’s counseling to help facilitate relationship repair.

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