Reconnect to a Life Worth Living

Recovery is an individual journey that requires individual treatment. We approach the recovery journey holistically, with a focus on total life transformation. Recovery isn’t a break from “real life,” it’s integrated into everything else that matters. Infinite Recovery supports our clients as they restore and transform not only their health, but their relationships with loved ones, work and school, social activities and the self. We call this 8 Dimensions of Wellness.

Levels of Treatment

Successful long-term recovery requires a continuum of care, which is why we offer three levels of substance use disorder treatment support. Each level has various intensities and combinations of total wellness treatment. It’s not about getting more or less support, it’s about getting the right support. Upon admission, every client at Infinite Recovery is partnered with a master’s level therapist, a licensed addiction counselor and a New Life Trainer. We help each client determine what the best treatment plan is for his or her individual recovery journey.

Recovery-Oriented Housing


Start your recovery off right. Infinite Recovery’s 15-bed alcohol and drug Detox Center is a spacious retreat located in south Austin on 4.5 acres of peaceful tranquility. Our peaceful environment lets you focus on starting your recovery, stop using drugs and alcohol and begin the extraordinary life ahead of you. Infinite Recovery’s Detoxification Program offers a compassionate approach from highly-trained medical and clinical professionals who are devoted to providing comprehensive, effective care for individuals with detoxification, withdrawal and early abstinence stabilization needs. Our detox program is designed to be the first step in assisting individuals who are seeking to start the process of overcoming their substance use disorder.

Residential Treatment

Infinite Recovery Residential Treatment Center is a 15-bed facility on a quiet, spacious 4.5 acre location in south Austin. Our facility has been thoughtfully designed for a client’s comfort and safety. Open spaces, comfortable furnishings, gathering areas and peaceful surroundings offer a warm, home-like environment in which to start the healing process. Our client bedrooms are gender specific, with separate accommodations for each gender. We provide clinical developed programming using evidenced-based practices and proven best practices for treatment services. We are fully licensed with the State of Texas at the level of Residential Treatment. We also have higher and lower levels of care licensed with the State of Texas and Joint Commission.

Primary Treatment

Extended Care Treatment

Extended Care Treatment consists of 30, 60, and 90 day programs in our suburban Austin facilities. Residents receive attentive treatment and supervision from our therapists and support team. Our extended care treatment for addiction services are discreet and totally confidential. As clients build relationships with our staff, we’ll determine the ideal treatment plan for total life transformation, following our 8 Dimensions of Wellness Model. As clients begin intensive group therapy, our clinicians will conduct urine and serum analysis, evaluate medical needs and prescribe any medication. Our extended care treatment model heavily emphasizes addressing and overcoming the traumas that lead to drug abuse. When clients complete extended care treatment, they are ready to tackle recovery with a concrete plan!

Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive outpatient is a discreet, confidential non-residential outpatient program designed for those ready to reenter school or the workforce. Group sessions are less intense and the schedule is more flexible than other programs. Preparation for reintegration to education or work is emphasized and clients meet weekly with counselors to address needs, obstacles and growth opportunities. Clients also continue to develop social and environmental wellness and restore the relationships frayed by disease. As with all of our treatment models, clients in our intensive outpatient program are treated according our 8 Dimensions of Wellness and meet with our trauma specialists.

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