8 Dimensions of Infinite Wellness

Addiction touches every part of the addict's life. The disease casts a shadow over all the things that bring a person joy and give their life meaning. In order to live a happy, fulfilling, sober life, recovery must be just as powerful. Through our 8 Dimensions of Infinite Wellness, we help the addict rebuild their entire self, integrating recovery into everything that’s important to them. With our 8 Dimensions of Infinite Wellness and the proven Twelve Step method, they emerge from treatment with a holistic plan for a transformed, sober life.


Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness refers to positive self-concept, deals with feelings constructively and develops positive qualities such as optimism, trust, self-confidence, and determination.

Infinite Recovery believes in discovering and treating the core emotional issues that underlie destructive coping strategies leading to emotional unwellness. Poor emotional wellness contributes to addictive, self-destructive patterns, which oftentimes are related to undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed, psychological disorders.

Environmental Wellness

Environmental Wellness refers to safely and positively interacting with one’s environment and the things outside of your control. Many people struggle going back to the “real world” after treatment. We believe in integrating the real world into treatment.

Environmental Wellness is about more than feeling comfortable, it’s about thriving in your environment. There are many ways to incorporate environmental learning activities into substance use disorder treatment, but the goal is ultimately the same – to help people access emotions or issues that are otherwise inaccessible through traditional forms of treatment. This type of Infinite therapeutic approach helps people bond with their peers, develop rapport with staff, and increases endorphins and dopamine levels in the brain without using drugs and/or alcohol.

Whether enjoying a relaxing day at Lake Travis, art or dance classes, or interacting with therapy animals, therapeutic activities play a vital role in helping individuals re-adjust to the everyday pleasures of the environment. People are encouraged to put aside preconceived notions and open their hearts to the sights and sounds that the environment has to offer.

Social Wellness

Social Wellness at Infinite Recovery is focused on creating a healthy peer support system, learning to have sober fun, and maintaining healthy relationships. From peer support specialists to sober recreation events and alumni programs, Infinite Recovery is committed to bringing social wellness through a variety of activities.

Social Wellness extends beyond the peer support system and seeks to restore healthy relationships with friends and family, partners, and the community at large. Many substance abuse clients are cut off from larger society due to legal action and Social Wellness also helps you navigate the legal system with the aid of our court liaison.

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness is an integral part of the recovery process. Whether you belong to a religious group, are an atheist or aren’t sure, Spiritual Wellness is about connecting to what gives your life meaning. Whether you have a personal faith history or are just beginning a spiritual journey our goal is the same – to awaken and cultivate spiritual curiosity.

Spiritual Wellness at Infinite Recovery takes the form of regular meditation and mindfulness sessions and spiritual retreats. We also offer specific Spiritual Wellness tracks including Gospel Recovery, the Zen of Recovery, and Twelve Steps.

Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness seeks to restore the relationship with your body that is damaged by substance abuse. Physical wellness is about more than looking fit and feeling good. It’s about creating and maintaining balance while you develop self-worth, discipline, and resilience. These characteristics are keys to maintaining long-term recovery and quality of life.

When you undergo drug and alcohol treatment at Infinite Recovery, our staff will work with you to create an individualized nutrition and wellness plan for your addiction recovery. Our Physical Wellness program focuses on three key areas: nutrition, wellness and fitness. Each client is provided with custom diet, exercise and supplement plans to help restore the body and mind back to the state they were in before using substances.

Financial Wellness

Financial insecurity has become a huge barrier to recovery today. In addition to the issues facing all Americans, substance abuse itself and the legal fees that often accompany it often put those plagued with addiction in an insecure financial position. Financial insecurity (or Financial Un-wellness) is considered one of the most prevalent relapse triggers in recovery. Financial Wellness helps people addicted to drugs or alcohol confront and dissolve fears of financial insecurity and develop the tools necessary to become financially “well.”

Financial Wellness counseling at Infinite Recovery tackles a variety of issues, including rebuilding credit, financial planning, personal finance, compulsive spending, student loans, making financial amends, gambling issues, and creating a business in recovery.

Occupational Wellness

Occupational Wellness refers to maintaining a healthy relationship with work or school. We spend a third of our life or more at work or school, so it’s paramount that you have the tools you need to lead a fulfilling career and manage day to day stress.

In addition to developing methods for dealing with the stresses of work or school, Occupational Wellness counseling helps you find and apply for jobs, practice mock interviews, and apply for school and financial aid.

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual Wellness is about restoring your relationship with the things that stimulate your mind. In the absence of substances, you’ll find that you have more time to enjoy reading, writing, art, learning new things, watching TV or movies, and pursuing your own creative endeavors.

We encourage all of our clients to spend time exploring their passions and making new discoveries about themselves.

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