Corinne & Gabi

Often, the most important person in an addict’s turn to recovery is his or her mother, but it’s a perspective that we don’t often hear. In our Infinite Recovery Mom Stories series, mothers of people in recovery have the opportunity to speak firsthand about the pain of having a child struggling with addiction, the love that drives them to seek help for their child and the transformative power of the recovery process.

Corinne - Mother of Gabi
I will never forget that day in July 2012 when we learned that Gabi was using heroin. It was as if an earthquake, a tsunami, and a hurricane hit me at the same time. We were devastated, wondering where we went wrong as parents. She had always been a very good student, always pleasant and nice. She was quiet on the surface but inside she was waging a war against a very powerful monster and we did not see anything. Our attention was focused on her younger brother who had a serious health problem and all the while she was in pain and used drugs to try to make it go away.  

Her father and I did the only thing we could do on that day. We confronted her so that she would enter a treatment center. Thank God she agreed. She left for college right after the 28 days in rehab and I was so happy, thinking that the problem was solved – I was so wrong!

Gabi’s addiction had progressed to levels I couldn’t fathom. What followed were countless rehabs, relapses, overdoses, problems with the law and more consequences than I’d like to remember. The worst part was constantly wondering where she was, would she survive the day, the night, what type of people were around her.

We also had to deal with our health insurance that would not pay for more than two long-term treatment centers in her lifetime. I laid awake at night wondering how people whose jobs were to help others in their time of need could turn away a young, promising, once-lively girl because of their black-and-white insurance policies. By the grace of God, new rules in the healthcare industry have removed that limit now.

I am so very grateful to say that Gabi is now in recovery and has maintained her sobriety for some time now. She is such an amazing, kind, generous human being. She is such a blessing to me and our family – so real, wise and beautiful. She loves to sing, to draw, to paint, she loves people and never judges other. I have noticed while visiting many treatment centers that people in recovery are some of the most wonderful, caring and true people. I am so proud and honored to be Gabi’s mom and watch her journey. If we can make it through the trenches, I’m certain other families can, too.

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