Nancy & Kyle

Often, the most important person in an addict’s turn to recovery is his or her mother, but it’s a perspective that we don’t often hear. In our Infinite Recovery Mom Stories series, mothers of people in recovery have the opportunity to speak firsthand about the pain of having a child struggling with addiction, the love that drives them to seek help for their child and the transformative power of the recovery process.

Nancy - Mother of Kyle Infante, Infinite Recovery Director of Marketing

I’m a proud mother of two boys. I love both of my children more than they know and my husband and I worked hard to provide ideal lives for them. Our household was the happiest home on the block, until my youngest son started using drugs and alcohol.

Over time, his addiction grew and all of us found ourselves beaten by the drugs. We couldn’t help him.

Over the course of 10 years, each of our lives were affected by his drug use. I felt like every day would be the end. As the mother of a chronic, relentless addict, I never knew if my son would make it through the day alive.

I was in a perpetual state of fear. Would he total another car today? Would he end up in the emergency room after another overdose or seizure? Would he be arrested again? These were daily thoughts running through my head. Heroin, crystal meth, and pills had robbed us of Kyle. In fact, the drugs had taken control of our entire family – if Kyle was sick, we suffered.

As my son began seeking treatment for his addiction, we all started the healing process. I once thought I’d never know peace of mind or security again, and today our family has never been more loving or stable. I have my son back.

My marriage has improved. My boys love seeing each other and have built a stronger bond than before. We’re all honest with one another, open, and genuinely free. Our lives today are better than I could have ever imagined. I thank God for saving Kyle’s life through recovery every single day. We had no earthly idea that it wouldn’t just save his life – it would save our family.

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