Transformative Therapy for Every Person

Substance Use Disorder can affect anyone from any walk of life. Often, there are underlying issues or traumas at play that drive people to use. In order to transform lives and help our clients not only stop using, but start living a meaningful, fulfilling life, we offer a variety of specialty addiction therapies and treatment tracks. Our aim is to create a treatment plan that empowers each client in his or her own way.

12 Steps

Since its inception, millions of people have used the 12 Step Program as a way to create and maintain a relationship with a higher power and maintain sobriety. An open approach that allows each person to choose a God of their own understanding, the 12 Steps are a compatible with all spiritual beliefs and traditions.

Gospel Recovery

For our Christian clients, the Gospel Recovery program focuses on teaching you to achieve sobriety through the life-changing power of the Gospel. Whether you are connecting to Christ for the first time or looking to rekindle your previous faith, our Christian treatment professionals are here to help.

The Zen of Recovery

The Zen of Recovery is a spiritual curriculum based on Buddhist principles. This optional curriculum includes a weekly class to help guests broaden their spiritual knowledge and practice while diving deeper into meditation.

Animal Assisted Therapy

At Infinite Recovery, we recognize the therapeutic benefits animals provide. Studies show that pet therapy can reduce blood pressure, lower anxiety, tension, and anger. It can also increase endorphins, oxytocin, and provide a sense of empowerment, compassion, and improved self-esteem. That’s why we offer a dog training program that focuses on the parallels between human and animal psychology. Patients will learn how to communicate and train an animal using mindful behavior and positive reinforcement, all while observing how human emotion affects animal behavior.

Trauma Therapy

There is increasing scientific evidence that shows the link between trauma, chronic stress, and drug and alcohol addiction. Early childhood trauma often plays a large role as to why people turn to drugs and/or alcohol and many in the grips of addiction experience traumatic events as a result of a high-risk lifestyle. This cycle of chronic stress and addiction can seem paralyzing and there is often no way of recovering from one without dealing with the other.

That’s why Infinite Recovery employs masters-level therapists trained in trauma resolution, pet-assisted therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR),a specialized treatment for healing the brain from trauma. Our physicians and board certified psychiatrists are equipped to handle cases of anxiety and post-traumatic stress and our addiction counselors are well versed in the effect of trauma on addictive patterns. Additionally, groups such as art and dance therapy, yoga, and somatic experiencing are utilized to facilitate healing. Guests suffering from the fallout of traumatic experiences are assessed during intake and assigned to a trauma therapist so they may begin trauma recovery concurrent with addiction treatment.

Relationships, Intimacy and Sex

For people that struggle with compulsive sexual behaviors, treatment from drug and alcohol addiction goes hand in hand with our sexual health and wellness program. Clients are provided with confidential screening tools, education, therapy and recovery resources. Couples therapy is available for clients and their spouses that are dealing with sexual infidelity or compulsive behaviors.

At Infinite Recovery, we believe in addressing sexual and romantic relationship issues openly and without guilt and shame. In our effort to provide comprehensive sexual and relationship treatment we have partnered with the SHAW Center for Healing to develop robust programming that integrates with our emotional dimension of wellness.

Addiction Treatment for Professionals

Professionals are often overworked, emotionally complicated and intellectually gifted people that require a unique treatment program designed to address both their recovery needs and work demands.

Professionals have a special set of needs while in outpatient and/or inpatient addiction or alcohol treatment. Specifically, they have ongoing career responsibilities that have to be maintained. Our exclusive and one-of-a-kind substance use disorder treatment program for professionals has the flexibility to allow professionals to fully engage in all types of mental health and substance abuse treatment while maintaining responsibilities that should not go unattended.

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