The Infinite Recovery Story

Recovery doesn’t end when you leave a program or begin when you enter one. It’s a process that often begins in fits and starts and continues throughout your entire life. In order to help those just beginning their recovery journey and to provide support to those living in recovery, we regularly share blogs, videos and podcasts that analyze the impact of addiction and celebrate recovery.

Infinite Recovery Blog

    Clinical Spotlight: CBT Trauma Group

    Starting in July of 2017, Infinite Recovery counselor Joe Roller, MA, LPC-Intern, LCDC, began his Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Trauma group developed to help reduce Post Traumatic Stress symptoms. Joe put his heart and soul into developing this program aimed to give substance abuse clients the relief and tools they need to overcome trauma and function […]

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    Opioids decreasing Life Expectancy

    More horrific statistics that directly relate to the ongoing opioid abuse epidemic have just been released by the National Center for Health Statistics. The average life expectancy for a United States’ citizen has dropped for a second year in a row in 2016. An Alarming Revelation “I’m not prone to dramatic statements,” says Robert Anderson, chief […]

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    Home for the Holidays in Recovery

      Being home for the holidays can be a great time for many people. The beautiful decorations, the much-needed time away from work, and seeing loved ones are always heartwarming. However, holidays can also be stressful for many people who are in recovery from addiction. This week, Infinite Recovery explores coming home for the holidays in recovery. […]

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