The Infinite Recovery Story

Recovery doesn’t end when you leave a program or begin when you enter one. It’s a process that often begins in fits and starts and continues throughout your entire life. In order to help those just beginning their recovery journey and to provide support to those living in recovery, we regularly share blogs, videos and podcasts that analyze the impact of addiction and celebrate recovery.

Infinite Recovery Blog

    Why Detox Can Mean Life or Death

    Detoxing from drugs and alcohol can often be a very uncomfortable, difficult, and frightening process, and one of the main reasons struggling addicts delay seeking treatment. If you are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, the first step towards successful treatment and recovery is to begin with a medical detoxification. Due to the emotional and […]

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    Opioid Crisis Commission recommends State of Emergency

    Crippling communities across the United States, the opioid epidemic continues to devastate daily, with no signs of remission. Our White House’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis released an interim report early this week with an urgent recommendation– that our president declare the opioid epidemic a national emergency. In this report, the […]

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    Women in Recovery: Melissa’s Story

    Alcoholism and drug addiction strikes everyone, no discrimination. Many stories are about men who have overcome their addiction, but there are countless women in recovery who are helping people overcome their disease. We’re continuing our “Women in Recovery” series with Melissa’s story of recovery. “Growing up, I always did well in school and aimed to please […]

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