The Infinite Recovery Story

Recovery doesn’t end when you leave a program or begin when you enter one. It’s a process that often begins in fits and starts and continues throughout your entire life. In order to help those just beginning their recovery journey and to provide support to those living in recovery, we regularly share blogs, videos and podcasts that analyze the impact of addiction and celebrate recovery.

Infinite Recovery Blog

    From One Mother to Another

    My name is Nancy Infante and I’m the mother of a person in long-term recovery. You may have seen my video with my son Kyle where we candidly talk about how his heroin addiction wreaked havoc on our family for nearly a decade, and how the power of recovery helped us heal. Kyle’s much more […]

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    BREAKING: Trump taps Christie for opioid chair

    Photo courtesy of   According to multiple sources across the web and in Washington, President Trump is tapping New Jersey governor Chris Christie as chair of a commission devoted to combatting America’s insidious opioid epidemic. According to, the position would be a part-time volunteer job and would not require Christie, a longtime Trump […]

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    The Evolution of the American Opioid Epidemic

    When and where does opioid abuse start? A new study has found that most American teenagers can trace their addiction back to the first time they were prescribed opioids by their doctor. The study found a that a majority of teens who abuse prescription drugs such as OxyContin and Vicodin had been prescribed the pills […]

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