Mike Eugene Dolphin

Director of Spiritual Development

Mike was introduced to working in the field of treatment and recovery by his sponsor, Mark Houston, in 2008, nine years ago. He relocated from Las Vegas, Nevada to Manor, Texas, to pursue this second career. At this juncture his my life, it added to being a vessel and instrument of “Spirit” and “Spirit world living”, as a result of his recovery and being a “seeker” of a deeper, more effective relationship with the God of his understanding. Prior to this, his life was complimented by a career of 45 years in the field of Food and Nutrition as a Director of Food Services and an Executive Chef. From 1988, he’s been active in helping others to recover. Mike is a licensed Minister, connected to deep spiritual roots as a result of his New York church-based upbringing. He’s brought years of experience in treatment and recovery establishments throughout the Los Angeles area to Infinite Recovery.